A picture of an 8 story, tan brick building.

The Pittock Block on SW 9th and Stark

This past March 31st, 2015, we had an OCCA meeting with Eric Hulbert from Opus Interactive about the Internet backbone routes.  He showed us some maps of where these big data pipes stretch across the country to connect our major cities and through the oceans to connect to Europe and Asia.  It was something I hadn’t thought much about, although I have seen pictures of ships laying cable with huge spools on the decks.

One of the biggest data junctions in Portland is near my office in the Pittock Building.  Based on those pictures, I think we can say in case of earthquake, Portland would lose almost all access to the Internet for a while.

Steve and Tim talked about Revo Uninstaller which piqued my curiosity. But for now, I will stick with the tools in CCleaner.

And that is all from the March meeting.