June 2015 at the OCCA we held a roundtable on mobile apps.  As usual I took a lot of ideas away from the meeting. This is a listing of the highlights.

There is a new Wi-Fi listing tool called Vistumbler, but it only runs on Windows.

There is a program for Windows 8 called Start8 that mimics the old Start menu and is said to be worth the $5.

Milebug is an easy way to track trip mileage.

PhotoVault will password protect and encrypt important pictures, such as credit cards.

Google Maps has a neat plug-in called Photographer’s Ephemeris.

Someone mentioned my favorite tool for Android phones, Wi-Fi Analyzer.

Steve Shank endorsed the Android-based anti-virus Trust-Go, along with Ad-Tracker

Someone mentioned Scott Hanselman’s blog.

Fing by Overlook was endorsed by David Harold. It’s a powerful, quick tool that snapshots your LAN.

Steve Shank also endorsed Evernote.

Ifttt.com which stands for If This Then That was mentioned by a member.  The product links actions together using scripts that tie into your online accounts.

Instapaper is a tool to grab a whole article in one page with no ads and hold onto it until you have time to read it.