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Andrew Hundt, President

Andrew Hundt founded the business that became Pro Activist Computer Support with the support of many friends and associates in October, 2000.  As technology evolves, the focus of the business remains hands-on configuration and repair of computing devices; while helping, teaching, and empowering people to better use those devices after we leave.








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Norbert Huntley, DC, Gentle Chiropractic

The original business was conceived as a partnership between Windows server admin Andrew Hundt, Linux and Windows systems admin David Porter and PC builder Norbert Huntley.

Soon, David left Portland for a tour of Mexico and Europe, ultimately settling in Eugene, OR.

Meanwhile, Norbert revived his earlier career as a Chiropractic doctor.


Woman wearing a black blazer

Shannon Lucas, Senior Enterprise Innovation Manager, Vodaphone

In 2001, immensely talented network administrator Shannon Lucas took up the challenge, swiftly adding Linux administration to her toolkit.

At this time, we reformed the business as a Partnership, named Pro Activist Networking. The name is a pun on the fact that so many of our clients are non-profit groups doing great things for the people and the State of Oregon.

Before working here, she had worked for Microsoft and since leaving in 2003, she has done amazing work for companies like T-Mobile and Vodaphone and she has starred in a TEDx talk.


After Shannon left, the company reformed into a corporation, with the less elegant, but more descriptive name Pro Activist Computer Support, Inc., which was meant to show that we work more with PCs, Macs and Linux machines than with routers and cabling.


Among the outstanding technicians who have worked here, Ian Watts is noteworthy for starting his own business as co-owner of music recording studio The Magic Closet.



As for so many small businesses, non-profits especially, the Lesser Depression has cut the bottom line at Pro Activist.  However; the past few years have also been exciting and rewarding with many new technologies and services coming to market.  We remain an agile, forward-looking company with many years of growth and productive service ahead.