Do you know who has access to your clipboard?

Smartphone apps are repeatedly reading and accessing your saved clipboard data, which may include all sorts of sensitive information. This privacy invasion is the result of these apps repeatedly reading any text that resides in your clipboards (which computers and other devices use to store data that has been cut or copied from things like password managers and email programs). For reasons that have nothing to do with the services the apps are supposed to provide, smartphone apps as diverse as TikTok and New York Times are pulling personal data from your clipboard in an attempt to spy on your other phone activity.

Initially, these activities had only been observed on iOS platforms, but it is now known that they occur on Android platforms as well.  Regardless of your device choice, it’s a good idea to avoid copying sensitive data unless absolutely necessary, and to clear out the clipboard when you do copy valuable info.  Many of us use the clipboard to copy and paste passwords, while password apps such as LastPass use direct mechanisms. This is yet another reason you should switch to a secure, easy-to-use password management system.Additional information can be found in these articles and blogs:
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This post is meant for informational purposes, but as always, I’m here to support you. Please call me if you would like assistance in clearing your clipboard, or to review best practices for saving data to your clipboard.