There is a new upgrade available from Microsoft. If you have a computer running Windows 10, there’s a good chance you will get an offer to upgrade your computer to Windows 11 for free in the coming days. You may already have gotten a pop-up asking you to upgrade now, or telling you that you will be eligible soon.

Alternately, if you go into your Settings and then click Update and Security you might see a notice like this:

My advice is to avoid this Upgrade for now. The Windows 11 upgrade may improve security and may offer some changes you would like, but for the most part I think you will be annoyed by the arbitrary changes to the way your computer works, as well as the loss of some of your favorite features.  My philosophy about Upgrades of Windows has been to wait and get the new OS version preinstalled on a brand new PC. This ensures that your computer will never go through any of the risks which can befall you when you Upgrade mid-stream.

Here are some more links to help you better understand what is in store with Windows 11:

Microsoft site

Blog post from a trusted, local services provider (SpireTech) which I recommend,

Blog post from a local colleague whom I trust and admire.

If you have any questions about Windows 11, please don’t hesitate to call. If you have run into trouble with installing the Upgrade to Windows 11, please call me IMMEDIATELY since time will be of the essence (you only have 10 days to roll back the upgrade). The complications could get worse the more changes you make with the failed Windows upgrade.

As always, this email is intended as informational, but I am here to answer any questions about Windows 11 (or anything else you might need!).  Thank you for your business.  Be safe and stay healthy!