Smiling man holding phone receiver up

Could this be your new phone?

I often get queries about phone services.  Traditionally, phone services has been a specialty requiring very different training and equipment than I have.  Phone PBX machines which allow you to setup voicemail and route calls tend to be quite expensive.

Over the past 10-15 years, Voice over IP (VOIP) has come into its own and now provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative.  My favorite company to recommend is Ring Central.  They provide a cost effective and portable service that allows you to have a physical line anywhere you have Internet service.  It can also easily re-route to your cell-phone in case you leave the office or you simply want to mask your private cell phone number.

At a recent meeting of the Oregon Computer Consultants Association ( I learned about a couple other services.

OOMA is an even more reasonable service for home users (it has a 5 line maximum limit) with which several of the members have had positive experiences.

Vonage was also a popular VOIP service.

So if you are planning to move your office, replace older phone equipment, or simply wonder if you can save some money on a phone system, look into one of these great VOIP services.


(Photo by imagerymajestic)